Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks from Abaco Steel Products

Cantilever racks provide ample storage opportunities for large items and bulky materials. These highly functional racks free up floor space and greatly improve organization in offices, warehouses, factories and even in private homes.

Abaco Steel Products, Inc. offers a broad selection of cantilever racks that will provide you with the means to work more efficiently. Each rack system enables trouble-free retrieval or movement of materials. Cantilever storage racks allow ease of use with a forklift or similar machinery. Simply choose the rack that best suits your storage requirements. Every one of Abaco Steel’s cantilever racks is built from sturdy materials for maximum durability and years of use. Our racks are intended to store materials and equipment of varying weights and sizes.

Cantilever Storage Rack Installation

To ensure safety and proper setup, Abaco Steel offers optional racks, shelving and storage installations for our racks and material handling products. If you’d prefer we can also disassemble your existing storage set up, transport it and provide re-installation at your new location.

Abaco Steel offers a consultation service at your place of business, office or home for a no-charge, no-obligation review to assess your steel shelving and cart requirements. Our team will be glad to address your custom design, layout and budgetary needs. We are dedicated to helping our customers with effective and organized rack solutions, and offer a large selection of products for your individual needs.

Abaco Steel offers delivery service in Nassau and Suffolk counties for our cantilever storage racks, steel shelving, pallet storage racks, record storage, storage carts and other great products. We also offer optional installation services to ensure the safety of your new shelving units.

Contact Abaco Steel by calling (631) 589-1800. Click here to get a quote or email us at to learn more about the benefits of using cantilever racks in your warehouse or facility. We look forward to hearing from you!