Durable Steel Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving

For warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage lockers and many other storage applications, Abaco Steel Products, Inc. provides steel wire shelving that can be built and installed according to your specific needs.

The ideal storage and organization solution, wire shelving minimizes dirt and dust, allows users to easily locate items and is stable, adjustable and reinforced to handle heavy loads. Our range of sizes will complement the needs of staffers in harsh work environments or those in need of commercial storage. Durable and strong steel storage resists rust and may be painted and repainted as required.

To increase functionally and improve organization, Abaco Steel provides select wire shelving units in a wide range of standard sizes. We offer countless varieties of shelf and post sizes to accommodate all types of items, equipment, supplies and products. Additionally, our units feature unyielding construction and tough durability to handle heavy loads, making our shelving ideal for any industry or market.

Steel Wire Shelving Installation

Abaco Steel will come to your place of business or home for a complimentary no-obligation consultation where we’ll address your custom wire shelving design, layout and budgetary needs. We’ll install your wire shelving and storage and material handling products to ensure proper setup. Abaco Steel Products can also disassemble your existing storage set up, transport it and provide re-installation at your new location.

Abaco Steel offers free delivery service in Nassau and Suffolk counties for our steel wire shelving, pallet storage racks, record storage, cantilever racks, storage carts and other great products. Quality is worth the investment. Speak with us to learn why our steel shelving products are the industry leader.

Contact us today to discuss specific requirements for your wire shelving and stainless steel wire shelving or to receive a free, no-obligation consultation or quote at (631) 589-1800. Or, email us at info@abacosteel.com for a quote.