Industrial Steel Shelving Specifications

Exceeding Standards in Quality & Dedication

Abaco’s industrial steel shelving, steel shelving units and wire shelving products are manufactured on site in accordance with the highest standards of the material handling industry. Utilizing quality materials, Abaco completes each project with dedication and the utmost attention to detail. During fabrication, all steel shelving components pass through a three-stage phosphatized cleaning process and are then painted with a polyester powder coat for a long-lasting, durable finish.

In addition to our wide selection of standard sizes of steel shelving units, we also offer specialty sizes, and can custom design units to your own needs and specifications. The standard color for our products is gray however, other colors are also available. To add further capabilities to your steel shelving units, Abaco also offers additional items available for purchase, such as dividers, bin fronts, front bases, label holders, splices and angle sways.

Steel Shelving Components

ShelvesStandard Sizes
20 gauge is standard12″ x 36″12″ x 42″12″ x 48″
Cold-rolled steel15″ x 36″15″ x 42″15″ x 48″
Triple bent on all four sides18″ x 36″18″ x 42″18″ x 48″
18 gauge available on request24″ x 36″24″ x 42″24″ x 48″30″ x 36″30″x 42″
30″ x  36″36″ x 42″36″ x 48″Custom sizes available on request
UprightsStandard Sizes
12 Gauge6′-3″7′-3″8′-3″9′-3″
Hot-rolled rail steel10′-3″12′-3″14′-3″
1 ¼” x 1 ¼”Custom heights available on request
Holes punched 1″ on centerCustom sizes available on request
Reinforcing BarsStandard Sizes
12 Gauge36″42″48″
Cold-rolled steel
1″ x 1″ Angle
Cross BracesStandard Sizes
13 Gauge12″15″18″24″36″42″48″
Cold-rolled steel
1″ x 1″ Strip, Radius Edge
1″ x 1″ Strip, Radius Edge
Back & Side PanelsStandard Sizes
24 gauge12″15″18″24″Side Pannels
Cold-rolled steel36″42″48″Back panels
3/8″ Holes on 1″ CentersAll Back and Side panels are 51″ high
¼” x 5/8″ Roundhead bolts with square nuts
¼” x 1″ Roundhead bolts with square nuts
1″ clips
Bases and Bin Fronts
24 gauge cold rolled steel
Bases are 2″ x shelf length formed to fit between shelf and floor
Bin fronts (to keep material from falling from front of shelf) come in standard heights of 2″, 4″ and 6″ x shelf length
24 gauge cold rolled steel
Front and rear edges hemmed for safety
Top and bottom are flanged and punched to attach to shelves with nuts and bolts or plastic push pins.
Specify height and depth