DEA Cages

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is tasked with fighting drug smuggling and drug use within the United States. The DEA is the lead agency for nationwide enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act. As the lead in pursuing drug-related investigations, substantial protocols must be maintained to ensure that evidence and seized goods are safely stored, that these are not tampered with nor stolen while in the DEA’s custody.

Following strict guidelines, Abaco Steel Products manufactures and installs DEA cages for the safe storage of evidence: seized contraband and controlled substances. Our welded wire partitions may be fabricated into DEA cages of any dimension and may be expanded or dismantled easily for flat storage or moved to another location for reassembly. Open mesh construction allows evidence to be on full view at all times. Our welded mesh partitions cannot easily be cut, thereby increasing security and providing safe evidence storage.

Abaco Steel Products’ DEA Cages’ Advantages:

  • When properly installed Abaco’s DEA cages meet or exceed the requirements for storage of Class III, IV, and V controlled substances as outlined in Section 1301:72 of the Code
  • Partition’s welded mesh construction cannot be breached with bolt cutters
  • Economical and durable
  • Cages may be expanded as required or dismantled and stored or moved
  • Utilizes existing space without need for drywall or block construction
  • Cages allow full visibility while limiting access
  • Allows evidence accountability and protection

Abaco Steel provides sturdy and secure cages that meet the DEA’s stringent standards. Our trained professionals are dedicated to creating products that exceed evidence storage requirements efficiently and economically. In addition to drug enforcement administration cages, Abaco manufactures and distributes a vast selection of warehousing and storage solutions. Visit our site to learn more about our selection of industrial steel shelving units and other storage solutions, or contact us to discuss custom built options.

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