Tenant Storage Lockers

A chief draw for any multiple-family dwelling is storage. Landlords often overlook this feature when providing sufficient living space within individual apartments. The fact is: families accumulate possessions, and when adding the cost of renting a self-storage unit to monthly housing rent, buildings without additional storage options may be bypassed by apartment seekers. For landlords whose facilities include a parking garage or basement, secure storage lockers for tenants, manufactured by Abaco Steel Products, are their best solution.

Secure, self-storage lockers for out-of-season gear, holiday decorations, wedding gifts and clothing provide a place for seldom-used possessions that are ideal for those living in high-rise apartments, co-ops and condominiums. These units provide on-site, easily accessible storage and enable tenants to declutter their living spaces without having to sell or donate possessions. It is a practical solution to a growing problem.

Made from rust-proof, welded, galvanized steel, Abaco Steel’s wire mesh partitions, such as chain link fencing, cannot be breached easily by bolt cutters. The thickness of the wire mesh can be customized to your specifications to ensure that your tenant storage lockers will be maintenance free, durable and cost effective.

Expandable Steel Storage Lockers

Abaco’s wire partition Steel Storage Lockers may be built to any size and are easily expanded to create more or larger units as needed. For your convenience, Abaco Steel will come to your place of business or facility for a complimentary no-obligation consultation. We’ll review your requirement and address your custom design, layout and budgetary needs. Abaco Steel will also install your wire partition tenant storage lockers to ensure these are set up properly.

Abaco Steel offers free delivery in Nassau and Suffolk counties for our entire product line which includes: steel shelving, pallet storage racks, record storage, cantilever racks, storage carts and other shelving and storage solutions.

Contact us today to discuss specific requirements for your tenant storage lockers and steel storage lockers or to receive a free, no-obligation consultation or quote at (631) 589-1800. Or, email us at info@abacosteel.com for a quote.