Warehouse Storage Carts

No matter what industry, stocking and order fulfillment operations can be run more efficiently saving time and money by using warehouse storage carts. There are many variations to meet the needs of numerous industries. Some of the most useful are the picking cart, product transport cart and mesh security truck. Abaco Steel Products, Inc. supplies these and many other high quality carts designed to fit the exact specifications that your warehouse space, product sizes and budget require.

Our steel-construction picking carts have three shelves with a convenient three-step ladder attached to one end. This feature means you only have to use one tool to fulfill orders, not a mobile cart and a ladder. The casters are durable rubber; our larger carts can support up to 1,000 lbs. of products and inventory.

Able to support up to 4,000 lbs. of rebar or steel and copper pipe, our transport carts are available in several sizes that make stocking and construction order fulfillment not only fast, but safe as well. Two uprights at either end support three levels of arms to hold graduated amounts of stock. This feature prevents the cart from tipping over thereby avoiding a workplace safety hazard.

Abaco Has Warehouse Storage Carts for Every Purpose

To save time fulfilling and to reduce both shrink and theft, Abaco recommends the purchase of a mesh security truck. This cart presents an ideal solution for order fulfillment when the purchaser is not present for pickup. The inventory, such as electronics or computer components can be stored and locked within view for easy order identification at the point of sale but also be safe from damage and loss.

Abaco Steel’s warehouse storage carts are designed and built to be tough enough to handle harsh work environments without suffering damage or extensive wear and tear. They offer easy maneuverability for quick transport of heavy items and equipment from one area to another. Abaco Steel offers a wide selection of storage carts in assorted sizes, tray sizes and tray depth for use in a number of industries.

Abaco Steel will meet with you at your location and provide a complimentary, no-obligation consultation that will address your requirements. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers with effective and organized warehouse storage carts and other storage solutions, and we offer a large selection of products to best suit your specifications.

Don’t hesitate to contact Abaco Steel at (631) 589-1800 or email us at info@abacosteel.com for a quote on storage carts and other stocking and fulfillment solutions.